Claremont Park

The purpose of this project was to add an extension to create a beautiful garden room next to the kitchen. The homeowners were keen gardeners and wanted to combine their garden and living space so they could enjoy their garden all year round. A small but impressive project boasting some great architectural details.

We slapped through the kitchen wall to create two separate rooms. The newly created garden room features floor to ceiling windows allowing the homeowners to enjoy their garden and the views whatever the weather. The sliding doors allowed them to open up the garden room and enjoy it in a different way during the summer months, giving it that indoor outdoor aspect.

One of the main and unusual features of this extension was the feature brickwork and copper standing seam roof. It’s unusual to use copper on a roof but the homeowners wanted to use a high quality material that would add to the aesthetics of the building. The lantern roof floods the room with natural light.

In addition to the garden room we also built a shower room and created a tiled and paved patio area. The result was a beautiful garden room and garden area allowing the homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space all year round.